Teaching & Supervision

PhD Supervision

Current PhD opportunities in the department, some of which I supervise, are shown here.

Current PhD Students

Angelo Pirrone (started September 2013)

Maria Panagiotidi (started PhD Sept 2011) ‘Collicular dysfunction in ADHD’

Second supervisor to…

Luana Nunes

Alvin Pastore (Department of Computer Science)

Stephanie Dunn (started PhD 2011, supervised with Elizabeth Milne and Megan Freeth), ‘Investigating the neural correlates of perception and attention in the autism spectrum’

Hamideh Kerdegari (started PhD 2012, supervised with Tony Prescott), ‘Wearable computing’

Andreas Bunge (Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham)

Undergraduate teaching

I teach on PSY105 Synthetic Psychology, in which we use lego robots to investigate how building models of behaviour can help us understand the nature of mind.

I am module organiser for PSY243 Cognitive Psychology. I teach decision making and the relationship between thought and language on this course. I’ve designed the course around the use of a wiki – an user editable webpage which allows writing practice, collaboration and encourages a critical approach to sources.

Postgraduate teaching

I am module organiser for PSY6316 Current Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience. This module is based on the principles of inquiry based learning and uses unresolved questions in the cognitive neurosciences to teach critical analysis of research literature and how to build a novel and interesting scientific arguement. I have published a paper and a short report on the design of the course:

Stafford, T. (2008), A fire to be lighted: a case-study in enquiry-based learning, Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Vol. 3, No. 1, April 2008, pp.20-42.

Stafford, T. (2008). Teaching Questions Rather than Answers: inquiry-based learning on an MSc course. HEA Psychology Network Newsletter, Issue 46, January 2008.

I also teach academic writing on PSY6309, another course on the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience MSc.

I give a lecture on public relations for scientists on PSY6230, a module on the Masters in Psychological Research Methods


This list is not comprehensive. I have teaching roles not mentioned here.


Supervision and examining

As primary PhD supervisor

Despina Panagiotidou (co-supervised with Ana Vivas, City College, Thessaloniki), PhD 2015, ‘Distractor, Temporal, and Inhibitory Variations of the Distractor Devaluation Effect of Visual Selective Attention’

Tom Walton, PhD 2012, ‘The Discovery of Novel Actions

David Yates, PhD 2012, ‘Using eye-movements to elucidate architectures of object recognition and selection’

Cigir Kalfaoglu, PhD 2012, ‘Errors and error-detection during skilled typing

As a secondary PhD supervisor

Tom Bullock (supervised with Elizabeth Milne and Dick Eiser), 2012, ‘Crossmodal Load and Selective Attention’


Post doctoral supervision

Martin Thirkettle post-doc, 2008-2012

Craig Bertram, 2012-2013

Jen Lewis, 2012-2013

Robin Scaife, 2014 –

Mariana Leriche, 2014 –


Christian Beyle Sandoval, University of Sheffield, 9th October 2015
Maria Dagioglou, University of Birmingham, 7th April 2014
Jennifer Lewis, University of Sheffield, 2012
David Cameron, University of Sheffield, 2011
Alexander Cope, University of Sheffield, 2011
Mike Roberts, University of Sheffield, 21st October, 2010