Research Interests

I study learning and decision making. My main focus is the movement system – the idea being that if we can understand the intelligence of simple actions we will have an excellent handle on intelligence more generally. My research looks at simple decision making, and simple skill learning, using measures of behaviour informed by the computational, robotics and neuroscience work done in the wider group.


2017 – 2018. Cyberselves: How Immersive Technologies will Impact our Future Selves. Tony Prescott (PI), Tom Stafford, Michael Szollosy. AHRC £78,494

Neuroimaging as a marker of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
2014-15, Tom Stafford (PI), Paul Overton, Maria Panagiotidi (Sheffield), Tony Morland, Alex Wade (York), Jac Billington, Jean-Francois Delvenne (Leeds).
White Rose Collaboration Fund 2014, £10996

Reduced habitual intrusions : an early marker for Parkinson’s Disease?
2014-15, Tom Stafford (PI), with Jose Obeso, Peter Redgrave, Colin Bannard. Michael J Fox Foundation ($100,000).

Cyberselves in Immersive Technologies
2014-15, Tony Prescott (PI), Tom Stafford, Stuart Wilson (Department of Psychology, Sheffield), Adam Piette, Michael Szollosy (School of English, Sheffield), Julian Savulescu, Hannah Maslen (Philosophy, Oxford). AHRC, £64,118.

Bias and Blame: Do Moral Interactions Modulate the Expression of Implicit Bias?. 2014-2016, a Leverhulme Trust grant to the University of Nottingham, with Jules Holroyd (PI) and Tom Stafford. £220,608

Decision making under uncertainty: brains, swarms and markets
2013-2016, a studentship network for 3 PhDs at the University of Sheffield (led by Tom Stafford and with Kevin Gurney, James Marshall, Eleni Vasaliki, Jane Binner and Roderich Gross).

‘Developing Haptics in Assistive Technology for the Visually-Impaired – HATV-I’. Matt Carre (PI), Tom Stafford, Tony Prescott, Mark Hawley. UoS EPSRC Pump-priming fund (2012-2013, £46,000).

‘Collicular hyper-responsiveness in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’. Overton, P.G., Chalhoub, N., Ennis, J., Stafford, T., Codina, C. Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity (£9284; 2013-2014)

‘A Wearable Active Sensing Device Using Tactile Displays’
2011-2012, £50,000, EPSRC Proof of Concept Funding, via University of Sheffield

‘Intrinsically Motivated Cumulative Learning Versatile Robots’ (Principal: Gianluca Baldassarre, ISTCCNR, Rome)
2009-2013, €5,900,000 (€771,190 to Sheffield), European Union FP7 grant.

‘Teaching Synthetic Psychology With Lego Robots’ (Principal: Tony Prescott, Sheffield)
2009-2010, £6,720, University of Sheffield Learning and Teaching Services grant

‘Does the tea really taste better if you put the milk in first?” Scientific inquiry in public
2009, £1,130, CILASS Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience Scheme: Summer studentship

‘White Rose Active Vision Network’ (Principal: Jim Austin, York)
2008-2011, £162,000 (£54,000 to Sheffield), White Rose Network studentship grant

‘IBL at MSc level’ (Principal: Tom Stafford)
2008-2009, £2720, CILASS Scholarship of Teaching grant, University of Sheffield

‘The cognitive psychology of decision processing: How does intensity and size of choice-set affect response selection?’ (Principal: Tom Stafford)
2005, £3000, Social Sciences Devolved Funds Grant, University of Sheffield

Learned Societies

I am a member of the Adaptive Behaviour Research Group in the University of Sheffield’s Department of Psychology.

I am a member of the British Psychology Society, the Cognitive Science Society and the Experimental Psychology Society